Innerchild healing workshop

Innerchild healing workshop

“Only a healthy Inner Child ensures a healthy and a balanced adult.”


A child.

Just see what image come to your mind when I utter this word.

I am sure the first image is that of a child who is a bundle of energy, jumping, laughing, playing and highly active the whole day around without a word about being tired or lethargic. In fact at times they survive on minimum food as they forget to eat while playing.

A child is a being who is always happy and wanting to spread happiness around. Loving and enjoying himself and his surroundings to the fullest, always coming back even after a spanking.

So full of life and energy.

And the same child has now grown up into an adult with more powerful bodies, more understanding and intelligence. Yet what happens?

We kind of get tired even using less than 10% of the energy a child uses. We are tired, Lethargic, irritated and angry more often.

We tend to attract various sicknesses and often feel negative about so many situations.

So what has happened to that child we once were so full of energy and positivity.

Where did it go? Who took it away?.

Was it parenting, society, conditionings, our nature or something else?

Maybe all this things together did something to rob us of our natural wonder child like state.

In the times gone-by and even today, conscious parenting is still in theory than in practice. We still believe punishment is the way to make a child behave or teach them the adult ways. That putting the pressures of our expectations on them is the way to make them responsible.

And this lack of nurturing and conscious environment has lead to troubled, suppressed and wounded inner children who keep seeking your attention, care, nurturing through different ways creating a kind of hindrance in your present life, relationships, professions etc- disturbing you and halting you exactly when you least want it to.


Just like an over demanding child who will bring about all the mischief exactly when you want to work or talk to someone, wanting to gain all your attention.

And slowly you will realize that all your wants and desires, even the work you choose and the relationships you enter are nothing but the need of your inner child that you are trying to fulfill though unconsciously.

Posing as your adult self it kind of rules your life till it gets enough love care nurturing and sense of worthiness from you.

And any amount of self talk, explaining or counseling will not really help release this wounds and emotions.

In fact they sometimes push it even further down in the subconscious mind to create deeper illnesses and disturbances.

It is necessary to own, honor, accept and release the emotions and feelings of your inner child to love and accept the adult you are today.

And the only way to do this is to own the child’s experiences, honor the child’s feelings and release the emotional grief energy that we are carrying around.

Inner child healing, one of the most powerful techniques not only helps us to come to terms with our own childhood but also release those traumatic energies which still direct and manipulate your present.

And that is our purpose to bring you in touch of this inner child, heal it and bring back you limitless bundle of energy thereby living your life to your full potential and possibility.

Benefits of inner child healing:

  • Recovering and releasing your inner child and its playfulness
  • Release all mental physical, emotional and spiritual wounds of your childhood.
  • Create a new you- more confident, aware and present.
  • Be what you have always wanted to be rather than what you have been forced to be.
  • Begin to identify and heal negative issues
  • Regain that blissful state of unconditional love and inner joy that is the ultimate goal for all of us.
  • Heal the toxic shame that you are made to feel because of your conditioning.
  • Improve your past, present and future relationships.
  • Live a healthy and joyful life- a child like existence.
  • Reach your ultimate goals and your highest potentials in this lifetime.

Benefits of Inner Child Healing are countless and multiple, the whole extent can more be experienced than talked about.

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