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QUE. What is Theta Healing?

ANS.Theta healing a an energy healing technique by which we believe that by changing your brain wave to theta wave, you can actually watch the creator of all that is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing.
That healing focuses on thought and prayer and puts our natural intuition and connection with the unconditional love of creator to do manifesting and healing work…Read More..

QUE. In Theta Healing you talk about the Creator. What is the Creator?

ANS.Creator is that energy which naturally binds and connects all the things in existence.

QUE. Is Theta Healing permanent, or do you have to keep saying affirmations or having sessions for it to work?

ANS.The changes in theta healing are permanent and it is not required for the client to have endless sessions or keep repeating the affirmations.

QUE. Is Theta Healing energy work, like Reiki or polarity therapy?

ANS.No. theta healing is not a Hands on healing technique. Here the laws of quantum physics, epigenetics and kinesiology are applied to directly use the power of source to bring about a vibrational energy changes in the cells of the individual energy patterns, thereby bringing about a big shift in the way they perceive, feel and behave in life. All this automatically changes what they attract in life.

QUE. What are the side effects of Theta Healing?

ANS.There are no side effects of Theta Healing.

QUE. Do I have to choose between getting Theta Healing and taking my regular medication or going to my doctor?

ANS.No. Theta healing can be taken even while using any other form of medical treatment without any interference or side effects.

QUE. Do you use massage or any kind of healing touch during Theta Healing?

ANS.No. In fact while doing theta work, there is hardly any physical contact between the therapist and the client except when muscle testing through kinesiology is required.

QUE. How many sessions do most people need before they get better? And how much does a session cost?

ANS.Generally it depends on the condition of the illness and the general condition of the patient, as to how many sessions will be required. Some patients show remarkable change in just a single session while some need more work. It varies from person to person.
But on an average 3-5 session do make remarkable changes in the clients.
For details on charges -book your appointment page.

QUE. Can I get Theta Healing over the phone or by Skype?

ANS.Yes it is very much possible. In fact there are lots of overseas patients with Dr Priti Shah who are healed with theta healing over Skype and Phone Consultation.

QUE. What is DNA activation?

ANS.It is seen that majority of our DNA are in the sleeping state due to various reasons. In theta we wake up those DNA to help an individual reach his highest potential in life creating youth, vitality and spiritual growth.

QUE. Do I have to change my religion to practice Theta Healing?

ANS.Not at all. Theta is an energy healing technique and can be used by people of all age group and religious background without having to change to any new principle or give up already existing religious beliefs.

QUE. How do I select a Theta Healing Practitioner?

ANS.It is best to work with someone you feel comfortable sharing and narrating your problems. If you are unsure, it is better to meet few practitioners of Theta healing, before deciding whom to work with. You can ask questions and find out their methods of working before deciding.
If the confusion still exists, you can ask for a basic reading from the practitioner, which they will do at a minimal charge which will give you an idea about hoe skilled the practitioner is.

QUE. What can I expect during a Theta Healing session?

ANS.Theta healing technique can be used for variety of issues- from manifesting a desire in work, money, profession, relationship, soul mate, to receiving answers for a particular question, probable future possibilities, to healing any kind of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues, to free oneself from the troublesome past, or to improve the existing relationships and many more areas of life are helped by theta healing.
And all this is done with your permission and with your involvement in the whole process. So it is like helping you to connect to the creator’s energy to bring about necessary and desired changes in your life.

QUE. What should I do to prepare for my Theta Healing session?

ANS.Drink plenty of water. Hydrate yourself well.
Come with an attitude and expectation of positive changes in life.
Be ready to share fully and completely as per your best abilities for the physician to understand your problem well and help you heal it.
Come with the clarity of what you want to heal or which issue you want to address in yourself. This will make it easier for the physician to help you in healing.

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