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Health Consciousness’ have become a kind of fad amongst people who think health as mainly free from illness.  And since centuries the healing art has defined health as the absence of illness till it took the genius of Hahnemann to see that health is not a mere absence of illness but a freedom – freedom to experience a wide array of emotions which are more satisfying and gratifying to an individual and help him grow towards the higher purpose of his existence.

Freedom from bindings, bondages which stops and hinders his growth and deprive him from the level of experience possible for that individual.

And obviously when we understand health as freedom then illness is living in the state of bindings wherein one is deprived of his highest potential experience.

It took the genius of Master Dr Samuel Hahnemann to understand this philosophy in its totality and translate it into healing art and science in the year 1796 in the form of homoeopathy whose only purpose is to bring about this freedom from the bondages of limiting patterns mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and come to a point of choice wherein he can experience his life to his possible highest potential as per his desire and need.

For e.g.

A person loves to go trekking but he suffers from altitude sickness and hence has to avoid this beautiful experience of climbing the mountain and be at its peak which is his soul desire.

Another person loves to go swimming but suffers from asthma and is unable to enjoy the water in the way that will give him a pleasant experience.

And these are just 2 examples but there are as many possible as there are people in the way life is limiting itself in the form of illness.

And to obtain this freedom from this kind of illness is what the aim of homoeopathy is.


Healing for homoeopathy is a Mind Body Continuum, wherein the illness is expressed at both the levels in different language and to really heal a person we need to heal at both levels.

For e.g.

There are 3 people suffering from same illness say asthma, but one feels asthmatic only during monsoon, while the next has it throughout the year, the third whenever she comes under stress she gets an asthmatic attack. Not only this the first patient is better sitting resting his head on the pillows during the attack , while the second has to sleep all the time propped up and the third patient is completely restless during the attack unable to sit or lie down and has to keep moving in all directions to gain certain relief.

Now as we can see the medical diagnosis of all three patients is same Bronchial Asthma but the manifestation, symptoms and the triggering factors are completely different and hence as per Homoeopathic principle all 3 will receive different medicines which are suitable to that individual not only in asthma but also the time, the occurrence, the intensity and the specific symptoms as well as the temperament in illness and otherwise in general.

Thus Homoeopathy becomes very holistic science where individuality plays a key role in bringing about a state of health, because as per Homoeopathy Health is a state of being and not an absence of illness.


To give a rapid, gentle and permanent cure to the suffering human being so that he can move towards the higher purpose of his existence and tap the fullest possible potential, experience and achieve all that he wishes to.



To impart the best treatment to his/ her patients, a homoeopath needs to know all about his patients. This is just a way to understand the person as a whole as Homoeopathy heals the person who is sick and not the sickness in the person and so to know the person as a whole matters a lot to know where there are obstacles to cure and what needs to be healed other than the manifest physical illness seen.

The more cooperative the patient is to the homoeopath in describing his complaints and himself in complete details the higher the probability of healing possible.


After such a detailed understanding of the patient , the remedy is selected considering the minutest details based on the Law of Similars the Basic Law of Homoeopathy, administering the medicine which matches exactly not only with the physical symptoms of illness but also the general symptoms of sleep dreams and also the predominant temperament of the person and only when all the characteristics of the medicine  matches with the characteristics of the patient  is that medicine administered to the patient to bring about a Rapid, Gentle and Permanent Cure to the patient.



Homeopathy heals by stimulating one’s own inner mechanisms thereby bringing about a state of harmony and balance in the individual and triggering its own life saving mechanism to heal itself without any side effects on the body. It is one of the most natural way of bringing about a complete healing in one’s own self.


Medicines are generally administered by the physician herself in the form of sugar pills and powder which are just the vehicles to carry the actual medicine prepared in liquid potencies form single simple natural substance in the most minutest form possible and the repetitions are made as minimum as adequate for that particular individual and his disease condition.



Generally patient starts feeling better on the general level that is sleep, appetite, moods and the general sense of well being.

Also depending on his disease condition he may also feel better in his condition and symptoms right in the first week. Sometimes patients may feels a little aggravation at the beginning of treatment or some old complaint may reappear after starting with the complaint. This is generally a good sign and need not be worried unless it is sever, which it generally will not be. And if it is there are adequate medicines available in homoeopathy to take care of these symptoms easily.


Homoeopathy is one of those holistic systems of medicines which works as per natural laws of healing and uses minutest of doses to bring about a rapid, gentle and permanent cure in the most gentle and natural ways without any side effects. And thus it is safe for all the people including children, pregnant woman, old age people and everybody in general.


Even in deep pathologies the medicines when administered with skill will take care to not aggravate any symptom and instead begin relief immediately.

Much deeper pathology is successfully healed with homoeopathy even when other systems of healing have no answer to it and have labelled it incurable.

Women in migraine during pregnancy have been healed in just few days time in my clinic who has been denied treatment by their own gynaecologists for the fear of side effects of allopathic medicines. Pts with rheumatoid arthritis, Children and adult suffering from epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, thyroid, recurrent bronchial asthma, and many more ailments to all those suffering from recurrent fevers cold, malaria are successfully treated  in my clinic without any side effects. That is a genius of homoeopathy!

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