Ease your Child's Distress Effectiveiy and Safely With Homeoepathy

Myths and Facts

QUE. Homoeopathy is slow acting medicines and along term treatment, takes long to treat.

ANS.Homoeopathy by far is the fastest and most effective treatment form in all the available medicine forms. The duration of treatment is mainly dependent on the kind of illness and the duration of its development.
A person suffering from acute fever will see the change in his symptoms in first 15-20 minutes whereas another with chronic illness will take 7-15 days to register the change happening in him. An illness which has taken years to develop in you will take at least few months to get alright. And then we are not talking of suppressing the symptoms but curing the illness which is bound to take time.

QUE.Homeopathy has no role in acute ailments, is effective only for chronic illnesses.

ANS.Homoeopathy is equally effective in both Acute (short duration illness) and chronic (long duration illness) disease conditions. In fact homoeopathy acts much faster in acute compared to any other medicines and that too without any side effects such as general weakness or stomach upsets or lack of appetite.

QUE.antibiotics are a must in infections. Nothing can beat them during infections.

ANS.Antibiotics literally means against the cells- i.e. not only bacterial cells but even our normal healthy cells are destroyed by antibiotics creating severe side effects such as lack of appetite, stomach upsets and general malaise and also suppresses our immune system in such a way that the body suffers recurrent infections. The medicine which is supposed to cure the infections creates an environment in the body that infections keep recurring.
Conversely, Homoeopathy heals the body and strengthens the immunity in such away that the existing illness is completely cure in a rapid gentle way that is without any side effects and further recurrence is also minimized and subsequently stopped.

QUE.Homeopathy is more placebo effect and faith healing…

ANS.Multiple studies have been done in this field to understand and prove the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines with double blind methods and other authentic methods and all of them have prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines much beyond the placebo effects.
Also millions of homoeopaths worldwide have shown results in cases impossible to be treated by any conventional medicines, children getting completely healthy and even animals showing beneficial health effects proves that Homoeopathy is much beyond a placebo and really a new generation medicine with minimum dosage and maximum effects without any unwanted side effects.
All those who cannot see this are either too prejudiced or they do not want to acknowledge the truth.

QUE.Homeopathy is unable to treat deep structural illness. It can be only used in functional disoredres as Pain, weakness, etc.

ANS.Homoeopathy by its own has cured and relieved cases of cancer, auto immune disorders, thyroid disorders, ankylosing spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and diabetes and many more – all in a comparatively short duration and these cases are also well documented for all to see. Hence, the above question is just a myth.

QUE.Homeopathy is practiced by some quacks and those who have no scientific back-ground…

ANS.World over Homoeopathy is practiced by qualified physician of conventional medicine. Homoeopathy was discovered by a German Physician Dr Samuel Hahnemann who was an M.D in medicine and so were all stalwarts of homoeopathy, a physician with higher education in conventional medicine. In India we have undergraduate course of five and half years, which is at par with allopathic science, wherein students learn all medical science subjects together with additional homoeopathic subjects.
Thus we can see that this belief is faulty.

QUE.Homeopathy cures any disease. It is a miracle medicine.

ANS.Every system of healing art has its own scopes and Limitations. Homoeopathy is a healing science based on firm principles and has its own scopes and limitations. But being a purer science, its scope are much wider than any other pathy.

QUE.I have heard that Homeopathy worsens the symptoms before bringing about improvement. It scares me to think of more worse symptoms than I already have.

ANS.it is untrue that homoeopathic medicines will cause an initial aggravation of disease. In Dr Shah’s 19 years of practice, she is yet to see any real aggravation caused by the homoeopathic medicies she has prescribed. Any aggravation whatsoever is because of natural progression of disease andnot medicines.
It is a complete myth as homoeopathic medicines are completely harmless.

QUE.Homeopathy is simply herbal medicine. Homeopathic medicines contain steroid or cortisone!

ANS.Neither is it just herbal medicine nor does it contain any form of steroids. Homoeopathy today contains largest numbers of medicines prepared from various natural, single, simple substances which include plants, minerals, animal substances, etc, all of which are used in its natural form, medicines being prepared in highly mathematically accurate and scientific mechanism.

QUE.Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken with the any other medicines, conventional (allopathic) or ayurvedic.

ANS.If required esp. in cases where in conventional medicines or ayurvedic are being consumed since long, homeopathy can be taken together with conventional medicines without any harmful effects and yet very effectively.

QUE.Coffee and onion cannot be taken during homeopathic treatment.

ANS.A person is generally advised to continue with their normal lifestyle during the homoeopathic treatment and hence all foods can be consumed which they anyway have in normal life. Homoeopathy is highly effective despite consuming onions or coffee.

QUE.Homeopathy can cure cancer, mental retardation, heart blocks, baldness , all surgical diseases, cataract, hernia, hydrocele, etc.

ANS.Well, Homoeopathy has shown results in cases previously considered impossible to cure. Even in highly progressed pathological illness and surgical diseases, homoeopathy has shown complete cure and healing. But it all depends on the stage of illness and general condition of the patient and can be determined only after thorough check up and case taking.

QUE.Investigations such as x-ray, blood test; MRI, etc. are not required for homeopathic treatment.

ANS.All kinds of investigations depending on the case are required by homoeopathic physician for diagnostic as well as prognostic reasons.

QUE.Diagnosis is not required for homeopathic treatment.

ANS.It is very important for homoeopaths to know diagnosis, not only for the better prescription but also to assess the improvement in follow up.

QUE.Homeopathic medicines are prescribed only on the mind symptoms of the patient.

ANS.A homoeopath understand that mind and body are connected whole and not separate parts of the being and hence gives equal importance to mind and body symptoms.

QUE.Vitamins, iron-tonic, etc. should not be taken during homeopathic treatment.

ANS.If required, all kinds of Vitamins and tonics can be used by the patient while on homoeopathic treatment and yet derive the most effective cure possible.

QUE.Homeopathy is against surgery.

ANS.Homoeopathy is not against any system or surgery. It only advises surgery when an illness is not treatable by Homoeopathic medicines as many so called surgical illness like Piles, Fistula, Ranula, Fissures, etc can be completely treated by Homoeopathic medicines alone.

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