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QUE. How scientific is Homoeopathy? Is it a proved science?

ANS.Homoeopathy is one of the most thoroughly proved sciences, based on inductive and deductive Logic and using number of proved examples. There is a vast experimental data which proves the efficacy and scientific nature of Homoeopathy.
In fact there are number of new researches that prove that homoeopathy is the most advanced medical science based on nano-technology and quantum physics.
The researches like memory of water by Masaru Emoto also goes on to prove that Homoeopathic medicines are very scientifically and authentically prepared with the most advanced science in use.

QUE. Are Homoeopaths Qualified doctors?

ANS.Yes by all means. Homoeopathy in India consists of total 5and half years course, which consists of 41/2 years of academic studies together with practical trainings in hospitals and OPDs and 1 year complete of internship consisting of thorough hospital trainings.
There are nearly 189 Homoeopathic colleges in India and nearly 1000 colleges worldwide, imparting homoeopathic study together with pure sciences like Anatomy, physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, surgery, medicine, Gynaecology and all the basic human subjects required to be known to a doctor. Together with these subjects, a homoeopath learns other basic homoeopathic subjects like material medica, organon, repertory, etc.

QUE. Is Homeopathic medicines mere placebo? Are all patients given the same medicine as in white pills?

ANS.White pills are made of sugar and used as a vehicle to dispense medicines which are available in the liquid form in various different potencies. The vehicle used for dispensing these medicines remains same but the medicines dispensed are different. Not only that to the same patient the medicines dispensed maybe of varying potencies as per the requirement of the particular patient and illness.
Homeopathic medicines are also available in tinctures and dilution forms which can be taken as few drops in water.

QUE. Do we need to continue the medications for too long?

ANS.Well not usually. But generally it depends on the presenting illness and the intensity and the duration of the illness of the person. Also it will depend on the general condition of the patient to respond to these medicines that will decide the duration of treatment. The aim of the homoeopath is just to stimulate the system enough so the natural healing capabilities are triggered adequately to take over the healing process and medicines just act as facilitators of this healing process.
Homoeopathy works completely on the natural healing laws not suppressing the illness or its symptoms in any form but instead helps the natural healing mechanism in a way that the entire illness is healed from within at its core without creating any side effects.
Homeopathy is one the most Gentle, Rapid and permanent healing modality available at our time.

QUE. Does Homoeopathy take long time to act?

ANS.Homoeopathy by far is the fastest and most effective treatment form in all the available medicine forms. The duration of treatment is mainly dependent on the kind of illness and the duration of its development.
A person suffering from acute fever will see the change in his symptoms in first 15-20 minutes whereas another with chronic illness will take 7-15 days to register the change happening in him. An illness which has taken years to develop in you will take at least few months to get alright. And then we are not talking of suppressing the symptoms but curing the illness which is bound to take time.

QUE. Why does Homoeopath take such a long and detailed history, often asking questions unrelated to the presenting complaints?

ANS.Being a holistic science, homoeopath very well understands that you have to ‘treat the man in sickness and not the sickness in man’ i.e. no disease can happen only in the individual organ but it is the entire person who needs to be helped and healed for a disease to be cured and healed.
Also Homoeopathy believes that an illness can be a direct result of one’s perception of Life, his lifestyle, his values system, his relationships, the situations in his lifetime and its impact on him and many more factors and hence to understand all this a detailed history is required.
Once the individuality of the person is well understood the job of homoeopath is more than half done and the rapid cure is most likely probability.
Hence for one’s own well being it is necessary to cooperate and give detailed and honest answers to all the questions asked. This will help the Homoeopath choose the most appropriate remedy for the patient.

QUE. What will Homeopath need to know in order to cure the person of his illness?

ANS.Homeopath needs to understand the details of the illness- if more than one illness than details of all of them from when and where it begin, how it progressed, what are the factors that help it feel better and factors that increase the symptoms of the illness, and all its symptoms in detail, his life space-like individuality of the person, his likes dislikes, his nature and perception of -life, society and situations in general, his sensitivities-physical, mental and emotional, his reaction pattern to various situations in life, his ambitions, hobbies, childhood nature and situations, fears, dreams, sleep, and anything else that he thinks is important for defining him or had an unusual impact on him during his life span.
Also to understand the person better a homoeopath may ask detailed questions in certain areas which patient may not have paid much attention to before.
It is advised for the person to think and answer all the questions with patience, understanding and deep thinking if necessary. This will allow the homoeopath to help you better.

QUE. Does homeopathy believe in disease diagnosis and the pathological investigations?

ANS.Yes we do. In fact it is very important from homoeopathic standpoint to know the diagnosis of the disease and get the pathological investigations done as it helps us to understand what the disease symptoms are and which the individual characteristic symptoms are.
For e.g., a person suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis have stiffness and pain of the fingers and hands in the morning on waking up is normal, but the same symptom in non RA patient is individual characteristic for a homoeopath useful in the selection of the remedy.
Also disease diagnosis helps us to keep a track of the improvement and probable prognosis of the presenting illness.
Together with that it also gives a clear idea about the scope of homeopathy and hence can benefit lots of other patients suffering from same diagnosis illness to prefer homeopathy for faster and gentler cure.

QUE. Does Homeopathy work in acute cases?

ANS.Definitely it does. In fact homoeopathy works very rapidly in acute diseases bringing quick relief to the patient without any side effects like weakness, gastric disturbances, etc.
At synergy, we have multiple cases of acute illnesses treated effectively only with homoeopathy which also includes children from being just born to any age and adults of all age group.

QUE. Does Homeopathy believe in Surgery?

ANS.Definitely it does. There are cases which will require surgery like broken bones need to be put in place surgically and many such illnesses.
But many illnesses which are termed surgical by other modes of treatment often get desirable results without any need of surgery, only with homoeopathic medicines.
Dr Priti Shah at Synergy Homeopathy have treated cases of Ranula (a growth under tongue, generally treated as pure surgical case), tonsillitis, appendicitis, initial stages of hernia, prolapsed inter-vertebral disc initial stages, prolapsed uterus, piles, anal fissure, fistula, warts, kidney stones, gall stones, uterine fibroid, PCOD, and many more such so-called surgical disorders, only with Homeopathic medications, bringing about a complete remission of disease together with changes in pathological reprts and freedom from all the symptoms of disease.

QUE. Should one take homeopathic medicines only from a qualified doctor? Why?

ANS.Definitely yes.
Homeopathy is a very accurate and sensitive form of medication which needs accurate similarity between mental, physical and emotional individual characteristics of the patient and the remedy selected for the patient, which needs a qualified person who is with a trained eye to see all aspects of a being and accordingly select the remedy.
The best results in homoeopathy are achieved when the principles are well applied which the lay man practitioners are often unaware of.

QUE. Homeopathic dilutions cannot act as medicines because beyond Avogadro’s number there is no drug substance left.

ANS.Well that is how it was believed earlier.
But in the light of new theories esp. Quantum theory and the experiments and the results obtained by the Japanese Scientist Emoto Masaru with memory of water, it is very evident that even at high dilution due to specific scientific technique of preparing the homoeopathic medicines, the medicines are very effective, in fact more effective than any substance used in crude form. And it took Genius of our Master Hahnemann to see this possibility in preparing medicines.
Also the laboratory investigation with Thin layer Chromatography to see the presence of the particular substance in the given sample has shown the presence of exact bands matching to the substance potentised and used as medicine.
I.E. for example plant Gelsemium shows bands at a particular level in TLC, the potentised Homoeopathic medicines even at very high potency shows bands at exactly the same level in TLC indicating the presence of that substance in the given sample.
Scientific proofs like this are the sure indication for all questioning minds.
And then as they say, proof of the pudding is in taste, likewise proof of efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in millions of healthy patients today worldwide after homoeopathic treatment.

QUE. Does Homeopathy have steroids?

ANS.Absolutely not. This kind of rumors and misconceptions are unfortunately spread by people who have no knowledge of homoeopathy as a science.
Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from all kinds of natural sources like plants , minerals and animals and the mode of preparation is such that the medicines contain pure essence of the natural resource and either distilled water or Alcohol as a base to extract the effectiveness of that substance. In this preparation there is no possibility of any adulteration or mixing.
And the most important part is that homoeopathy is effective as medicines that it does not need any immune suppressive drugs to bring about any cure. Homoeopathy itself heals the ailments from the root cause of its inception.
Also simple test of the medicines are –steroids are absolutely bitter whereas homoeopathy medicines are very sweet.
Yet in case of doubt, it is advised to send medicines to Forensic Science laboratory of your particular city and ask for specifically Thin Layer Chromatography test which is ultimate in differentiating steroid and sugar.
It is understood that this confusion in certain group of people is happening because few chemical tests are similarly positive for both steroid and sugar. And sugar is used as a vehicle to dispense homoeopathic medicines.
But TLC is the ultimate guide to know for sure.

QUE. What are homoeopathic medicines made of?

ANS.Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from natural resources like plants, animals, minerals, using only the purest or most potent part of it from the nature. Like if the essence of a plant is concentrated in roots than the roots of that plant is used.
If the purest mineral is available from the oyster middle layer than that is used to prepare medicine.
This ensures the pure effects of the substance on a human prover in all its details. Also using the most potent parts accentuates the effect giving it the right intensity of symptoms so that all characteristics are well defined and thus that substance can be used to cure a sick person when the symptoms and its characteristics match.

QUE. How are the medicines prepared?

ANS.Medicines are prepared using mathematically accurate scientific principle of potentisation wherein one part of medicine is triturated or succussed well in either 10 parts of Sacchrum Lactis or 100 parts of alcohol liquid to prepare a next higher potency.

QUE. I have heard homeopathic medicines have alcohol? Will it not be harmful for me?

ANS.Not at all. If you will understand the amount of alcohol you will understand that it hardly affects you. In a single potency to one drop of medicine there is 100 drops of alcohol. Out of which 1-2 drops of medicine is added to say 50-100 pills, wherein alcohol actually evaporates leaving behind the medicine substance in pills. So every time you take around 3 to 6 pills the amount of alcohol that enters your system is much less than a 3/100 of a drop because most of it is evaporated.
So you see alcohol in homoeopathic medicines is pretty harmless to you.

QUE. Can Homeopathy treat diabetes? Can diabetics take the sweet homoeopathic medicines without harm?

ANS.Diabetes can be treated depending on the type of diabetes i.e. type 1 or 2. Also the duration and sugar levels are determinative. Diabetics also need to follow the lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to help medicines keep the blood sugar levels in normal ranges.
If all this together with homoeopathic medicines are taken care of then diabetes is definitely curable.
And no the sweet medicines will not harm diabetics as the sweetness of this medicine is much lower and also the quantity given is very small.

QUE. Are there injections in Homeopathy?

ANS.Well not really. The reason being homoeopathic medicines on its own work very fast like an injection.
The purpose of injection is to allow the effects of medicines to begin very soon, but homoeopathic medicines due to minuteness and being highly potentised which brings out the latent power of the medicine and makes it highly potent, the medicines itself works very fast. And then homoeopathy chooses a rapid but gentle way to treat illness.

QUE. Can homoeopathy treat deep pathological complaints like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, deep vein thrombosis, etc?

ANS.Depending on the stage of disease, general condition of the patient and the pathology he is suffering from the possibility of the cure can be determined.
But many of the deep pathological conditions which include Carcinomas, Parkinson’s, Ankylosing spondylitis, Deep vein Thrombosis and many more have been successfully treated completely with help of homoeopathy and life style changes adequately required for these illnesses.

QUE. Can homeopathy be taken while continuing with other medicines?

ANS.Yes it can be taken while continuing medicines that are already in use like Ayurvedic or Allopathic medicines.

QUE. Does homeopathy create initial aggravation before beginning the amelioration of the illness?

ANS.Not really. In my 2 decades of homoeopathic practice I have hardly seen any patient going through any initial aggravation of the illness.
When the dosage, potency and the repetition is well selected, chances of initial aggravation is not there.

QUE. Is it safe to take Homoeopathy during Pregnancy?

ANS.Absolutely. Not only safe but often it is seen that women who prefer Homoeopathy during pregnancy have a very healthy pregnancy period and a healthy and safe delivery and also the child is developed very healthy mentally, emotionally and physically.

QUE. Is there any food restrictions recommended during homeopathic treatment?

ANS.If you are allergic to certain food substances than it is recommended to avoid them for a certain period till your homoeopath permits their consumption again.
Other than that all the foods can be consumed during homoeopathic treatment.

QUE. Does Homoeopathy act equally well in men, women, children and elderly alike?

ANS.Yes absolutely, on all age group, male and female in any given condition homoeopathy acts.

QUE. Are there any side effects of Homeopathy?

ANS.When Homoeopathic medicines are taken under the guidance of proper homeopathic doctor who practices classical homoeopathy giving single remedy and minimum dosage, it is seen that Homeopathy shows no side effects at all.

QUE. Why the names of the medicines dispensed by the homeopath not divulged to the patient?

ANS.Dosage and repetition has to be maintained very precisely in homoeopathy and there is a need to change either the potency repetition or the dosage depending on the present complaint of the patient in each follow up.
Hence giving the name will lead to unnecessary self medication by the patient which in long run will prove to be harmful to the patient.

QUE. What is ‘Classical’ Homeopathy, and how does it differ from ‘Modern’ Homeopathy?

ANS.Classical homoeopath considers the person as a whole and determines and dispenses medicines only after detailed case taking of the patient. Also the remedy given is simple single remedy on the basis of totality and individuality of the patient, given in minimum dose required.
It needs a very detailed and precise work on the side of the homeopath to determine not only the correct remedy but also at the given moment what is the right potency and repetition.

QUE. What kind of diseases can Homeopathy cure?

ANS.Homeopathy has the potential and ability to treat all kinds of illness. No conditions fall out of scope for Homoeopathy when the principles are applied right. Conditions from simple cold to cancers can be treated with homoeopathy. This is because homoeopathy takes into consideration the symptoms of the illness and do not prescribe on the name of the illness. Hence, clearer the symptomatology of the illness, easier to treat the patient whatever the illness maybe. Because of this quality of homeopathy, at times diseases with unclear diagnosis can be fully healed by homoeopathy.
And even in very advanced stages of illness, homoeopathy can provide a good palliative care and make last days of life of patient pleasurable and easy. This happens in certain advanced cases of carcinoma etc, wherein pain can be relieved very easily and effectively.

QUE. Is it possible to take two or more different Homeopathic Remedies at the same time?

ANS.No it is not advisable. Single simple remedy is one of the basic rules of homoeopathy.

QUE. How must the Homeopathic Remedies be stored?

ANS.Homeopathic remedies can be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight esp. when it is in liquid form, preferably in amber colored glass bottles.

QUE. How long does Homeopathic treatment last?

ANS.It depends on the disease diagnosis, duration of the disease, general condition of the patient and the pace of illness.
Also the regular intake of medicine is very important for the illness to be cured in the given period. Generally we determine the time period after the detailed case taking of the patient.

QUE. Should a patient continue Homeopathic treatment indefinitely?

ANS.No. not necessary.

QUE. What happens if there is a problem during the course of the treatment?

ANS.If there is a problem during the course of treatment, patient should first approach the homoeopath for further guidance.
Often during the treatment of chronic (long standing) illness, patients come up with some form of acute disease. And when this acute episode is also treated with homeopathy only, the overall improvement in chronic illness is much better due to raised immunity of the patient with homeopathic medicines even in acute.

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