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Meditation: A Journey Within to Self

Buddha[1]Meditation the word may mean heaven to oneand earth to other. Different people associate and attach different meanings co it in their own way.

For some it may be deep thinking, for some concentrating on one thing like the name of God, for others focussing on some object and yet for many working with full concentration is meditation in itself. And all are right in their own way.

But meditation has countless benefits and to restrict it to some small gains is like using diamond as paperweight.

For me- it has always meant- silence, peace, being aware of my every breath, being aware of myself, of who I am, freedom from all the people outside me and being me in presence of me, being connected to higher source to all that is And many more things which I as yet cannot describe. And this is just the beginning. I do not know where this experience will further take me.

The exhilaration and the experience of it is beyond words and descriptions.

It is like tasting the nectar- once you taste it you desire it again and again and again.

It is an eternal thirst- a thirst we are born with but have forgotten somewhere in between. A knack which is an inborn gift in all of us.

Meditation as a word may mean something heavy or fearful to many but it is something very simple because it is our natural state. We just need to remember it.

Just allowing all that defines you to drop- drop in the nothingness and letting yourself be is meditation.

It is not something you do. In fact you cannot do meditation. You just can be meditative.

And that is the trick. To allow everything to fall in to nowhere and just be.

Nobody can ever teach meditation and nobody can learn meditation. What we can is exchange this knowledge and practice of dropping and the meditation- the being descends or rather it shows itself.

It has been my utter desire to experience this state and when I did my biggest desire was to help people experience this state.

And just to exchange this knowing and practice this dropping of all that is to experience all that is-1 invite you all.

o-MEDITATION-FOR-KIDS-facebookLet us be more aware, conscious, present, alive, loving, peaceful and overall Free from ail those bondages which keep us sick and unhappy through a simple process of witnessing- witnessing one’s own breath, one’s own thoughts and one’s own self and be Transformed into a new fully awake, aware, alive and loving being.

Because witnessing is just an unprejudiced observing- detached and just observing. One who does not get involved in the thoughts and does not react to it either- just watches as watching a cloud when it passes the sky. And that is the key, key to freedom – free from the pushes and pulls of life, people, your own nature and nature of people around you. Freedom- to be just who you are in the moment.

Freedom- from the past and the future and the possibility of being in this moment – in the here and now and nowhere else.

Even a moment of this experience is heavenly and divine and as with practice this extends in every moment you are awake, it will be a complete transformation of your being.

Meditation is not a tool that will give you things; but it will definitely lead you to your inner potentials which can then choose to create things for self.

Meditation is just a gift from Creator of all that is to stay connected with it in all moments- happy, sad, painful, and elated- whatever it maybe. Just the experience that you are never alone you are always in divine presence and this experience is possible only through Dhyan- meditation.

Homoeopathy and meditation:

Often during my inner journey I have experienced a kind of ‘block’, which is very individual, an inability to proceed further and for many they have been unable to experience or be in silence and Homoeopathy has more often than not come to rescue here.

Homoeopathy helps in healing the individual from within, opening up its blocks helping one to free of one’s own hindrances and getting connected to one self and once this is done it is often easy for people to meditate and get connected.rumi-love-quotes-1

Hence both of them work wonders, esp. when used in Synergy they not only enhance the inner experience but also cuts down on the number of years required for a peaceful experience within.

Osho says: homoeopathy is the only medical science that goes very deep healing the individual and taking him deeper. It is second only to meditation.

But I would say sometimes we have to make it the first to achieve the highest form i.e.meditation. The more healed we are from within the better experience of meditationinside and outside.

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